X-12 Mic Preamp Kit

This is my own version of a classic preamp, popular in the 70s and still popular today. It's not a clone since I'm using a totally different signal path and design, and different input and output transformers. But the sound nevertheless is awesome. Big and beefy with lots of transformer mojo goodness.

Note: This kit is my 1u rack version with on-board local voltage regulators. For the 500-Series lunchbox version, click here. X-12mk500

  • Using Made in USA, Input and Output Transformers
  • 12-step Gain from 22dB to 68dB, at 4dB/step
  • -20dB Input Pad
  • High-quality parts
  • Option to use Discrete OpAmps with the 990/2520 format
  • Using high-performance chipsets, currently the best chip around
  • Using High-speed 2000V/us, video buffer, high-current transformer line driver
  • Using Grayhill switch - high quality mil-spec
  • with output trim Bourns potentiometer - so you can overdrive the input trafo and be able to trim the output of the pre.
  • Null offset trimmer adjustment
  • LED-lighted push buttons for 48V phantom, pads, and polarity reverse
  • Relay Controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Relay Controlled -20dB Pad
  • Soft-start/Ramp-up 48V Phantom Power
  • Includes on-board voltage regulators
  • Professional PCB, Rohs PCB with double-sided, plated-through holes, 2oz. copper
  • with soldermask, silkscreen layout,
  • Includes everything... 5-LED VU Meter, spacers, screws, knobs

Download X-12 Mic Preamp Assembly Guide
Don't forget to download too the VU Meter Assembly Guide

Click here for Audio Samples

Click here for X-12 Audio Samples

NOTE: The X-12 Preamp requires a Power Supply Unit.
You can use my PSU-24448mk2 and Power Transformer Kit.

You can use discrete opamps with these kits. Discrete opamps NOT provided with the basic kits.

X-12 Mic Preamp KIT

For USA Buyers
For INTL Buyers
$299 - X-12 Mic Preamp Kit
$349 - X-12 Mic Preamp Kit + PSU + Power Transformer
$598 - Stereo Pair X-12 Mic Preamp
with FREE PSU kit+ Power Transformer

$60 - Discrete OpAmp + DOA  Sockets
Sockets and DOA will be included in the KIT.

$15 - Set of DOA sockets
Sockets will be included in the KIT.

$10 - Set of Black Knobs

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Ready-Made 1u Front Panel


Create a professional looking case for your DIY project. Get our ready-made Front Panel!

This 1u front panel is made from Anodized Black Aluminum, 0.125" thick. It has been pre-drilled using an accurate CNC machine, and there are pre-drilled holes for the gain, trim controls, push button switches, and for the 5-LED VU Meter.  Holes for the power switch and Panel LED lamp are also provided. This front panel is designed to work with 19" rack cases.

You'll also get (2) Front Panel transparent sticker/decals with easy to read white labels for your controls, knobs and switches. It's easy to apply: Just peel the sticker backsheet, align the sticker with the front panel holes, stick it on, and peel off the protective top sheet.

Note: For best results, wait 24-48 hours after application of decal/sticker for the decal to "cure" and completely "meld" with the aluminum front panel. Any "bubbles" or uneven-ness will disappear and the decal will adhere to the aluminum front panel very strongly. See additional photos below.

Front Panel ONLY for 1u Rack
For USA Buyers
For INTL Buyers
If ordering Front Panel with DIY kits


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