500 Series Handcrafted Gear

X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

Big, huge sound, with extra low-end
evoking that British console sound.

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X-12 mk500 Mic Preamp

Aggressive, in-your-face...
American 70's rock sound is here to stay

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SC-501 Mic Preamp

A preamp with finesse, high-end clarity,
crystal clear and yet still musical

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Janus DI / Re-amplifier

Great on guitars & bass, mojo tone control,
versatile & multi-purpose unit

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PEQ-503 Equalizer

Sculpt and polish your tracks to perfection.
For extra low-end boost, and high-end sheen.

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500 Series Do-It-Yourself Kits

SK-1DI Mic Preamp + DI

Full bodied sound. Low noise, transparent.
with Instrument DI, and transformer option

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The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines set by API Audio for manufacturers, to make our products physically fit and electronically conform to API's 500 series rack specifications. Customers benefit from the VPR Alliance through the elimination of any confusion as to which products are endorsed for placement in API racks. Customers also benefit from a wider range of module choices for their racks, safety in the knowledge that the specification of the third party unit is correct, and that there is no risk of damage occurring.

FiveFish Audio is a member of the API VPR Alliance.

No assembly needed. All 500 Series Modules are pre-assembled. Plug-and-Play ready*
* An API 500-Series Rack/Lunchbox or compatible rack is required.