1u Rack Case

This is a specially designed Rack Case to house (2) channels of either our SC1-mk3 or X-12 Mic Preamp.

The front panel is made from Anodized Blue Aluminum (not paint), and all the letterings/labels are engraved into the aluminum, and white paint-filled.  There are holes for the gain, trim, and all push button switches PLUS the 5-LED VU Meter.

The rear case is pre-machined and CNC-milled for (4) XLR jacks (2 input, 2 output XLRs), a fuse holder, and the IEC AC inlet connector.

Steel construction for long life and strength, power coated painted, and easy to assemble.  It is roomy to fit our PSU-2448mk2 power supply kit, and our power transformer kit.

1u Rack Case 1u (2) channels
For USA Buyers
For INTL Buyers
$199 - 1u Rack Case

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