SC-1mk500 Mic Preamp

The FiveFish Studios SC-1mk500 Mic Preamp is a single-channel Mic Preamplifier, designed for the popular API VPR500 Rack format.

If you want a good sounding preamp with little risk or ambiguity (no sourcing of parts) the Five Fish SC-1 are wonderful meaty units for little money. - Garrett Haines, Recording Tips Editor, Tape Op, Chief Mastering Engineer, Treelady Studios



  • Designed for API 500 Series Rack Format*
  • All solid-state design, using chipsets from THAT Corp and Burr-Brown
  • Soft-start, slow ramp-on +48V phantom power
  • Crystal clear Red LED indicator for phantom power
  • Electronically balanced input and output stages
  • or with optional Input Transformer option
  • Improved design, improved performance, design refinements.
  • DC Servo, Dual Buffered design
  • Using uMetal shielded Input Transformer for excellent magnetic shielding
  • 6dB gain steps in the lower range, and 4db gain steps in the upper range for more precise control
  • Bourns, conductive plastic potentiometers
  • 12-position Grayhill gain selector switch
  • Input RFI protection
  • Input clamping protection
  • Output surge protection circuit
  • Output RFI protection
  • 0.063" thick PCB with 2 oz. copper, Solder mask, silkscreen, plated-through holes, - Lead-free Rohs
  • Gold fingers
  • -LED VU Meter kit
  • Relay-controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Use of high quality 1% Metal Film resistors, and high-quality ceramic and electrolytic capacitors


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