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Are you after high-performance in your audio DIY projects? Test and measure the performance of different types of OpAmps using this PCB jig fixture. This testing jig can be used with either Discrete opamps or PDIP (8-pin) opamps, connected to your signal generator and oscilloscope, or audio analyzer equipment. On-board jumpers on the PCB jig allows you to easily change amplifier circuit configuration from unity buffer, inverting or non-inverting circuit configurations. You can also easily change the amplifier gain settings using removable jumpers.

  • Input and Output BNC jacks to easily connect to oscilloscopes, signal generator, or audio analyzer equipment
  • On-board jumpers to switch the preamp from Buffer (unity gain), Inverting Amplifier, or Non-Inverting Amplifier configurations
  • On-board jumpers to select Gain for the Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier configurations
  • Test Pads on the PCB for easy access by your multimeter probes
  • On-board LEDs for V+ and V- voltage rail monitoring
  • Selectable Output Load switch... no load, 600R, 10K. You can change the resistor load to whatever value you want.
  • Easy to assemble, easy to troubleshoot design

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Click here for Mouser Parts List.

Digikey parts list, http://www.digikey.com/short/tn0vm5, courtesy of Fivefish customer Greg Ose. His comment: "The higher BOM price is due to using the more expensive Vishay CMFs over the Xicons, and an additional screw terminal for the power supply. " Thanks Greg!

OpAmp Test Jig

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