180W-240Watts Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

This is an adjustable constant current Electronic Load used for testing of power supplies, DC-DC converters or batteries. Just dial the knob on how much current draw you'd like (from a few milliamps to several amps), and the electronic load will do it's job of dissipating all that Power (Volts x Current) from your PSU under test. A 12VDC power supply is all that is required by the Electronic Load.

Two heavy-duty heatsinks (typically used in computer microprocessors) with integrated cooling fans are used to keep your power MOSFETs cool, allowing you to dissipate anywhere from a few watts to couple hundred watts of power in a very small package.

  • Constant Current, Adjustable Current Load
  • Two heavy-duty heatsinks with integrated cooling fans
  • Two Power MOSFETs operating in parallel
  • 10-turn multi-turn potentiometer for fine-control of the current draw
  • 12VDC operation, wall wart or equivalent
  • Real-world tested at 60V @ 3Amps (180Watts), 30V @ 6Amps (180Watts), 120V @ 2Amps (240Watts) for 30 minutes duration
  • Heavy-duty terminals for attaching DUT (Device Under Test)
  • Read-out of actual load via simple voltmeter, 1mV reading = 1mA current draw

Download Assembly Guide PDF

Digikey Parts List, http://www.digikey.com/short/33bh5c, courtesy of customer Greg Ose. His comment: "This uses the upgraded IXFH mosfet rated at 60A, the 50A wasn't available in small quantities. The 25 turn pot and fans were from ebay." Thanks Greg!

Ripple/Noise at 30VDC/3Amp load testing.

Hi, Just finished assembling the FFA e-Load and it is everything I had hoped for! It is very stable and easy to use. The current sense tracks very well which was a pleasant surprise. I would have found lesser performance to be quite acceptable especially for such an inexpensive device, but this gem functions much better than merely acceptable! A very good design overall. I couldn’t be more pleased! Please feel free to quote me in your reviews if you wish. Thank you so much, Jerry Thiel

Electronic Load PCB

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