NK-72DI Mic Preamp + DI Kit

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The NK-72DI is a 500 Series Mic Preamp with built-in DI input. It is based on our popular X-72 500 Series Preamp, with an added Direct Inject (DI) circuitry for high-impedance signal sources like electric or bass guitars. It has a big, punchy sound which also adds a deep, nice, warm coloration to the overall sound. Low frequencies come out tight and punchy, while high end is silky smooth - thanks to those huge Carhill transformers!

This is a great project for a first-time beginner to kit building. The kit is very affordable, but don't let it's low price fool you. This preamp delivers top-notch performance.

An API Rack/Lunchbox or compatible rack is required to supply power and the necessary XLR input and output connections to the SK-1DI module.

  • Now available as Partial Kit or Complete Full Kit (with included Input & Output Transformers and Discrete OpAmp)
  • 500 Series format, for use with API rack/lunchbox or compatible rack
  • Precision Laser cut tinted/transparent front panel - included! So you can show-off the "guts" of your DIY build
  • Aluminum sled carrier - Included!
  • Knobs - Included!
  • Using Carnhill/UK Input & Output Transformers (separate purchase)
  • Uses a 990/2520 footprint Discrete OpAmp, like our DOA-12 Discrete OpAmp (separate purchase)
  • Soft-start, slow ramp-on +48V phantom power
  • LED indicators for phantom power, -20dB pad, polarity reverse and Mic/DI input
  • Relay controlled Pad
  • Relay controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Built-in DI 1/4" jack inputs for electric and bass guitars
  • Transformer balanced input and output section
  • Input RFI protection
  • Output RFI protection
  • Gold-plated, machined, low-profile IC sockets
  • Use of high quality 1% Metal Film resistors, and high-quality ceramic and electrolytic capacitors
  • Easy to assemble, easy to troubleshoot design
  • Optional VU-Meter board, 12-step gain selector switch, and Aluminum Front Panel (separate purchase) to take it to the next level of customization!

Note: The NK-72DI have a similar audio DNA with our X-72mk500 Mic Preamp. To read related reviews, click here.

NK-72DI Mic Preamp + DI - DIY Kit

from $149 Partial DIY Kit

to $364 Full Complete DIY Kit
(includes Input & Output Transformers + Discrete OpAmp)
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